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The Be-Do-Have Model


The Be-Do-Have Model: How to build your business leadership resource

The BE-DO-HAVE model is a deceptively simple model which comes from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). It provides a framework for leadership that moves beyond the traditional focus on the doing, expanding it to include both how we are being and the ultimate outcome– what we get to have.

I previously mentioned the Be-Do-Have model in my post on Achieving Goals the Smart Way.

Whilst there are many more frameworks we …

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NLP in Massage and Myotherapy


“There are some things that we can’t change, but if we really look at how we can improve one’s quality life regardless of the limitations they have and if we have strategies that can give them a better quality of life, to me, that is a worthwhile venture and that is what NLP does.”

Back in the days when I was working at the Transport Accident Commission with families and children who had been severely injured, I noticed that a lot of times the discussions and conversations that went on with…

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Business Values


Values are our compass for the way we live our lives and the choices we make. Values indeed guide our every decision and when you know what is absolutely most important to you, decision making becomes effortless.

Values in our business form the compass for every decision we make and sets the framework and standards for our team to work within.

Values capture the states we wish to experience on a consistent basis. When we find it difficult to make a decision, the reason for the difficulty…

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How Words Can Create Health with Joanne Clark


The mindset that you bring to your clients is the feeling that they will leave your practice with. You want to make sure that you have your strategies sorted and that you are there to intimately serve your clients, which is ultimately what massage therapy is about.

How does language affect our lives and how can we use it to influence and impact other people?

In this episode of The Business of Massage and Wellness Podcast, I talked about NLP and how massage therapists can use language and…

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Ready - Set - Go = Goal Achieved


Goal Achieved: How to Achieve your Goals the SMART Way

In my last post, I explained how to focus on what you DO want and the end in mind to enable achieving your goals.

With the end in mind it is now time to DO what needs to be done to HAVE the success you have decided to have.

Review The Be – Do – Have Model

Our programs provide powerful and effective strategies you can use to maximize your results and achieve the business success you have decided to get.

The Art of R…

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Setting an Achievable Goal - Achieve Goals the SMART Way


"Alice went on. Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?
That depends a great deal on where you want to get to, said the Cat.
I don’t much care where – said Alice.
Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go, said the Cat."

(Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)

How to Achieve Goals the SMART Way

As the Cheshire cat observed, without deciding where you want to go, choosing the way to get there is not important. Like Alice, you need to determine …

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The Five Principles of Success


The Five Success Principles are one of the most powerful tools from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and are a way of thinking and a way of operating in the workplace and at home to achieve whatever you would like to achieve.

One of the most common challenges for people, both in the workplace and at home, is the inability to change direction because they don’t have a clear outcome, or they feel as though they have to (or must) stick with an original plan or decision. This is not the case,…

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Model the Masters - InnovaBuzz Episode 120


Model the Masters - Joanne Clark

Joanne recently appeared on the InnovaBuzz Podcast in a Model the Masters feature episode. She talked about the values, beliefs and strategies that are important to her in being a master at Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience.

Listen to the Podcast to find out what is important to Joanne about Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Get the key points and show notes

Joanne Clark, Destiny Pursuit Coaching and Training – Model …

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The Top Ten Leadership Challenges


Developing Critical Leadership and Managerial Skills

Most leaders won't have landed in a leadership position unless they already have a suite of skills that others think make them 'Leadership material'. However, it is rare to find someone who already comes to the position fully formed as a leader. Part of the challenge of leadership is to continue to develop core skills while you are expected to produce results. These skills include such things as time-management, problem solving skills, strate…

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InnovaBuzz Episode 6


Joanne Clark on the InnovaBuzz Podcast

Joanne shares her innovative approach to coaching her clients and how she helps them get out of their own way!

Listen to the Podcast to find out more

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Joanne Clark, Destiny Pursuit Coaching and Training – InnovaBuzz Episode 6


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