• Staying curious?
  • Gaining new learnings from every pursuit you undertake?
  • Personal fulfillment?
  • Possibility?
  • Choice?
  • Making a meaningful difference in other people's lives?

"We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference."

But how much difference can one person really make?

In today's world people can have so many differing issues, some big, some little, some health, some self-confidence .... and irrespective of size, to those who are suffering with the issue, it can often seem impossible to solve. 

The catalyst for change starts with you.

Ever heard that biblical saying "Physician heal thyself"? What this proverb really means is before attempting to correct others, have a look in the mirror and make sure you aren't guilty of the same faults yourself!

Frierich Nietsche took this a step further by adding "Let it be his best cure to see with his eyes him who maketh himself whole," or in other words, "everything you need, you have within you now".

You can be who you want to be, do what you want to achieve,
have the confidence, clarity, and certainty you need to
change your own life - and empower others to do the same.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a powerful thinking and action-based change framework that arms you with the knowledge and skills to respond to challenges and make positive change both within your own life, and in the lives of others. 

Working with the neurological structure of the human brain and the ways in which people are "wired" to think, feel and act, NLP also examines the codes behind the language we use, allowing us to identify and interpret our reality and our behaviours in response to that reality. Arming ourselves with this knowledge allows us to understand, predict and influence behaviour and emotional states to produce the results we actually want, rather than now have.

Whether you want to improve your relationships, eliminate anxiety, or become more competitive in the market place, the key pieces are not found in your physical capacity, but rather in the intricacies of how your mind interprets information such as words, pictures, sounds, feelings and beliefs. NLP shows you how to locate and identify your interpretations - those you are consciously aware of AND those you are not - and how to positively change them.

NLP studies both the conscious and unconscious thought patterns and strategies that combine to enable and, at times, disable our ability to effectively do what we do. The key to success is to master these processes and change or adapt them to better suit our needs.

Come with us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

Uncover your core values, limiting beliefs and mindset, and breakthrough the limits
that have held you back in the past. 


Transform your life and become the conduit for positive change and healing in others



Destiny by Design


IT'S TIME  -  time to gain that clarity, sense of purpose and direction that you know has been missing.

In just one day, you'll come away energised and focused on achieving your personal goals and unlocking your personal power.


NLP Practitioner


NLP provides an accelerated learning technology that enables you to develop excellence and quality in communication, relationships and productivity.

Join the growing community seeking personal and professional transformation.

NLP Training

NLP Master

Practitioner Training

As a practitioner of NLP, you already know what is possible. Now it's time to master the steps to change your fears into resourceful action and REALLY make a difference.

Embed the structure of magic into your thinking and life!


NLP Trailblazers


As a master practitioner of NLP, you want to share your knowledge - teaching others about NLP or using the NLP accelerated learning structure within your speciality training areas.

It's time to step up and become an Awesome trainer.

Joanne Clark

Joanne Clark is an Internationally accredited Master Trainer of NLP who has been delivering NLP training since 2011.  Being on her feet in front of training rooms is where Jo loves to be and her passion for inclusive and immersive training that delivers outstanding learning outcomes is apparent to everyone in her training rooms.  On average Jo delivers 140 days of training per year in addition to online webinars, guest speaker events and group coaching. 

“NLP is at the core of all my training and coaching, it is at the core of who I am, how I interact and connect with people.  I am absolutely passionate about spreading the NLP tools across the planet as I endeavour to support Robert Dilts’s vision of Creating a world to which people want to belong.” Joanne Clark

Certified Master Trainer of NLP; Master Practitioner NLP, Hypnotherapy & Matrix Therapies; Performance Coach; Cert IV Coaching; Advanced Practitioner in Coaching; Cert IV in Business; BA(Hons); Majors in Sociology and Psychology; Parent Education Leadership Training (PELT) Certificate; Mother of four children; Private Pilot (PPL); Diploma in Life Coaching