VISUALISE ... you are front and centre

presenting to and training others effectively,

feeling absolute confidence and certainty,

no matter what size audience,

each and every time you step up,

really knowing YOU'VE GOT THIS

Now envisage yourself as you move around your stage, a commanding presence inspiring focus and attention with your confidence, your physiology, your words - 

  • fully engaging with your audience,
  • building strong rapport,
  • positively managing the training space,
  • and truly engaging, influencing and leading people with flexibility and competence


Take your public speaking, presentations and
training skills to the ultimate level


Arm yourself with the world's best and most effective training techniques and be empowered to reach and exceed your personal teaching outcomes, and enhance, shape and extend the learning outcomes of others, both consciously and unconsciously.

Now is your time to build even more on your current NLP skills and capabilities, resourcing yourself to pay it forward - empowering, motivating, and inspiring your audience, enabling their positive change and personal growth.

Destiny Pursuit's NLP Trailblazers Training is the ultimate in presentation,
public speaking and trainer's training.

The next and definitive level in NLP learnings, this training teaches you
the strategies, skills, tips, tricks and physiology to enable you to train
and present absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime.

Whilst other courses in training and assessment will cover standard training design, assessment outcomes and delivery assessment activities, allowing you to deliver training and assessment in a TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO), this course takes training to a whole new level.

Breakthrough your limiting beliefs and be truly inspiring, recognising and addressing the differing learning styles and abilities of your audience and using a proven format that will keep your audience coming back for more.

NLP Trailblazers Training takes you to a whole new master level, utilising and building on the principles of NLP teachings to ensure -

  • No audience participant ever gets left behind, or is disengaged
  • Every audience participant receives real and great value,
  • You can speak, present, train and lead with confidence

This awesome 10 month online and face-to-face learning journey lead by Joanne Clark will give you the skills, capabilities and tools to truly enhance the learning abilities of others.

Your 10 month learning journey combines 14 days of face-to-face delivery with online webinars,
and incorporates -

✔  Live presentations and evaluations

✔  Crewing - for modelling

✔  Video reviews of presentations

✔  Webinar delivery with evaluation

✔  Invaluable feedback from a true master trainer

✔  Online access to all NLP training materials through the myEd training platform - unbranded and ready for you to download and adjust to suit your market release with your branding added

✔  All NLP online training modules located in the Destiny Pursuit Simplero Library

✔  A 12 week "Refresh your NLP Prac skills" webinar series

About the course?

Destiny Pursuit Coaching & Training's NLP Trailblazer's training is a 10 month training, held in both Geelong and Melbourne.


Can the course be done online?

Whilst this course is a very interactive and experiential learning, a number of components are offered online as both group and independent learnings. This means some components have scheduled dates and times, whilst others can be completed in your own time.


Are there any prerequisites?

Completion of Destiny Pursuit Coaching and Training's "Speaking UP!" public speaking course, as well as the certified NLP MASTER Practitioner qualification are prerequisites to enrolling in this course - and, of course, your burning desire for continued personal growth and fulfilment, and your passion to be a positive influence in the lives of others.


As with all of our trainings, an application process applies. We need to be sure you are a good fit for our training, and that we are a good fit for you. 

A non-refundable deposit of $50 on application applies.


Joanne Clark

Joanne Clark is an Internationally accredited Master Trainer of NLP who has been delivering NLP training since 2011.  Being on her feet in front of training rooms is where Jo loves to be and her passion for inclusive and immersive training that delivers outstanding learning outcomes is apparent to everyone in her training rooms.  On average Jo delivers 140 days of training per year in addition to online webinars, guest speaker events and group coaching. 

“NLP is at the core of all my training and coaching, it is at the core of who I am, how I interact and connect with people.  I am absolutely passionate about spreading the NLP tools across the planet as I endeavour to support Robert Dilts’s vision of Creating a world to which people want to belong.” Joanne Clark

Certified Master Trainer of NLP; Master Practitioner NLP, Hypnotherapy & Matrix Therapies; Performance Coach; Cert IV Coaching; Advanced Practitioner in Coaching; Cert IV in Business; BA(Hons); Majors in Sociology and Psychology; Parent Education Leadership Training (PELT) Certificate; Mother of four children; Private Pilot (PPL); Diploma in Life Coaching