The First Step and Increasing Choice - NLP Matters, Episode #027


The NLP technique of Well-Formedness Conditions, which adds the final layer to the journey of Building our Successful Life and ensuring our goals are robust and resilient. So far, we have looked closely at the first five of the Well Formedness Conditions.

In this episode, we’ll explore the Well-Formedness Condition of expanding on the sensory specific details that describe the first step on the way to achieving our goal. And once we’ve done that, we’ll look at the final step of the Well-Formedness Conditions, which is to confirm that our goal increases choices.

Listen to the podcast to learn more.

Listen to the Podcast

Here are some key takeaways from this episode:

  • The first step of the goal has to be to be clearly specified and achievable. Fill out the first step with as much sensory detail as possible. The greater detail you give, the more you engage your unconscious mind and create that congruent alignment. Then, all you need to do is to follow the steps you have outlined. 
  • Defining the steps using sensory specific details creates a bridge for our unconscious mind moving from our present reality to the realisation of our goal. In combining the sensory-based description of our goal, with the descriptions of our steps we are laying down the path, our instructions, which is especially important to our unconscious mind, because it means that we will now notice and focus on what steps to take along the way of achieving our goal.
  • When a goal is perceived to reduce our choice or limit us in some way, we can feel less attracted to it. We may lose a sense of alignment or perhaps our deep congruent commitment to go for the goal because as we go for it, we notice that it is limiting our opportunities or choices.
  • The final step of Well-Formedness Condition allows us to check that both the process of pursuing our goal and ultimately achieving the goal itself does open up more choices in our life. Rather than restriction, it creates a sense of growth. 
  • Increased choices may be created because we have learnt new things about ourselves and the world, we picked up new skills and capabilities, or gained access to increased resources. Hence, achieving a goal can open up opportunities for us.

So, there you have it. Making that first step specified and achievable, and having our goal increase choice, together round out the powerful strategy of Well-Formedness Conditions, which really makes our goals rock solid.

In our next episode, we’ll draw all the strings together so we can clearly experience the power of the of the Well-Formedness Conditions and see how these techniques continue the work we have done so far on how to build a truly successful life.

Listen to the Podcast


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