Congruently Desirable and Self-Initiated Goals – NLP Matters, Episode #019

Congruently Desirable and Self-Initiated Goals

One of the tools that NLP gives us to get a real focus and clarity around our goals is The Keys to an Achievable Outcome, which really solidifies the first of the Five Principles of Success – Knowing Your Outcome. 

The Keys to an Achievable Outcome can be seen as an expression of the science of setting goals. Having covered the steps one to four of these keys, let’s now move on the next two – checking that our goal is congruently desirable and ensuring that it is self-initiated and maintained. These two steps answer the question, “What will this outcome get for us or allow us to do?” In other words, “Why do we want this goal in the first place?”

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Listen to the Podcast

Here are some key takeaways from this episode:

  • The fifth step in the Keys to an Achievable Outcome is to ask ourselves, “Is the goal congruently desirable?” This is a really good question to think about since it is designed to get to the heart of what motivates us to achieve our goals. 
  • A goal is congruently desirable when our conscious and unconscious mind are aligned and on the same page. There is no conflict with our values, our beliefs, and the outcome meets our needs.
  • A goal that is self-initiated and self-maintained means that you are doing it for yourself and not for someone else. Similarly, the success and achievement of the outcome are in your control and don’t rely on someone else.
  • Conflict will initially be unconscious. It is only through asking ourselves, “How do I know I am not congruent in terms of this outcome and how do I know where I am out of alignment?” that we can bring it into our conscious thinking.
  • A self-initiated goal is something that you are committed to and not something that you are doing for someone else. You don’t get motivation from doing something for others. 
  • A self-maintained goal means that the achievement of the outcome is in the sphere of your control. 

Having a goal or an outcome that is congruently desirable, and self-initiated and maintained are really important to the achievement of the outcome. When you are ready to commit to your goals, the Keys to an Achievable Outcome will give you the structure to build a foundation so strong it will be unbreakable!

In the next episode, we’ll explore the next two steps of the Keys to an Achievable Outcome – ensuring that the goal is appropriately contextualized and that we have all the resources needed to achieve our goal.

Listen to the Podcast


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