Inspiring Models

Celebrating Inspiring Australian Women

- Deconstructing Success -

Inspiring Models - a monthly celebration of inspiring Australian women who have dedicated their lives to making a difference.  Women who have created change for our greater good, both in Australia and around the globe.  

Here we deconstruct how these purposeful pioneers overcame dire circumstances, often enduring great uncertainty and adversity, with the specific intention to address challenges and, in so doing demonstrate and highlight that we can overcome life’s great challenges.  In NLP we are constantly seeking models of excellence.  Through these shared stories inspiring Australian women give us modelling - we choose to call them Quantum Models.  

Enjoy this series as you witness our Quantum Models through their stories and discover how the NLP tools that have been built from deconstructing the genius of success are also revealed within the achievements of inspiring Australian women. 


Agile Leadership - Nancy Wake

Nancy Wake must have gazed out of the open door of the Lancaster bomber to an uncertain future as the great sky-beast traced its arc to the drop-zone. In life, doing things is never enough on its own - Nancy Wake knew this, she mastered this.

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Showing Up No Matter What - Daisy Bates

Early in the 20th century Daisy May Bates certainly showed enormous behavioural flexibility when she willingly chose to forego personal comforts and went to live amongst Aboriginal people as she studied their life, culture and heritage.

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