Now that you have completed your NLP training, you may be seeking a
supportive and encouraging community of trained NLP professionals
to practice, be curious, explore and master your NLP skills.

The Destiny Pursuit NLP Mastery Club offers a secure online community for you.
Each month as a Club member, you receive a pre-recorded webinar,
some handouts and other support materials on a specific NLP technique, theory or topic.
Club members meet online to share their experiences, discuss and explore the topic as well as practicing techniques. The focus of each month is chosen based on the interests or needs of the Club members.

If you are keen to master NLP, join us on the first Wednesday of each month, where we will dive into topics such as:

✔  Milton Model language

✔  Meta Model language

✔  Six Core Neeeds

✔  Meta Programs

✔  Timeline


And much more..... Let's get started!

Your Total Investment for 1 year Club Membership is $500 (incl GST) plus a small admin fee

Payment Options:

12 months Membership - FULL Payment

(You Save 5%) -
TOTAL $501.50 (GST inc)

12 months Membership - monthly membership*

12 x Monthly Payments of $44.00 (GST inc)
*includes a $2.21 monthly transaction fee

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Joanne Clark - Trainer

As your trainer, mentor and coach, Joanne brings a wealth of experience and commitment to supporting people to achieve their full potential.

With senior management experience leading and managing large teams in business, government and community, Joanne has mastered and applied her transformational leadership model to inspire and motivate teams and individuals to accomplish and deliver outstanding results and achieve their dreams.

Certified Trainer of NLP; Master Practitioner NLP, Hypnotherapy & Matrix Therapies; Performance Coach; Cert IV Coaching; Advanced Practitioner in Coaching; Cert IV in Business; BA(Hons); Majors in Sociology and Psychology; Parent Education Leadership Training (PELT) Certificate; Mother of four children; Private Pilot (PPL); Diploma in Life Coaching


Peter Drummond - Mentor

As Co-Director of Destiny Pursuit Coaching & Training, Peter brings more than 30 years of experience teaching, lecturing and leading in secondary and university education. He has presented at a range of conferences, workshops and seminars over his career.

He specialises in 21st century learning models and designing effective competency assessment frameworks. As both a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and an accredited Extended eDisc Behavioural Profiling Consultant, Peter brings a unique skill set to people development and training.

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with Majors in Linguistics, Literature and History, Master of Education, Certified Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming, Father of four children