NLP Matters – Teaser Episode

NLP Matters

Welcome to the NLP Matters Show, coming to your favourite podcast app soon.

I’m your host, Joanne Clark.

In each weekly episode, we deliver to you the essential ingredients to continually learn, grow, achieve and connect to your personal power;

Which means, that you can be the difference that you want to see, as you gain the inner certainty, and discover even more powerful and effective NLP techniques that you can use in everyday life.

The NLP Matters Show is a nurturing space for you.

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I look forward to you joining me on the first episode coming soon.


Certified Trainer of NLP; Master Practitioner NLP, Hypnotherapy & Matrix Therapies; Performance Coach; Cert IV Coaching; Advanced Practitioner in Coaching; Cert IV in Business; BA(Hons); Majors in Sociology and Psychology; Parent Education Leadership Training (PELT) Certificate; Mother of four children; Private Pilot (PPL); Diploma in Life Coaching

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  1. Yolanda Lingham on April 13, 2021 at 23:28

    NLP is really a great tool that anyone can learn how to do, implementing it into their lives and transforming their lives in an amazing way. It helps you deal with the underlying issues that impact your current pathway of living in a profound way, helping you to make the changes you need to deal with your undesirable rubbish, and take the steps to live the life you deserve, then going on to teach others how they can have amazing results too.

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